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As we turn our attention towards September, let’s reflect on the way we have seen the Lord work. When we gathered to vote on May 30th, we laid the future at the Lord’s feet and asked that he would give us wisdom in the direction that we should go. Over the past 90 days we have seen God bring 8 new members to our church, we’ve seen one person public display their faith through baptism, we’ve brought Roger Dutra onto our leadership team as Children’s and Families Pastor, and we’ve had multiple local churches express excitement and a desire to partner with us. In the months ahead we must begin to give our attention towards growing to be a community of believers committed to following Jesus by fulfilling the great commission. We demonstrate community in the way that we gather together for worship, and care for one another throughout the week. We follow Jesus by growing in our relationship with him. We fulfill the great commission by being intentional in telling others the good news of our great Savior.
I believe that discipleship will be an essential piece in the health of our church. As we move forward, we will begin to give attention to making disciples through small groups, discipleship groups, and large group Bible studies. Some of these “discipleship environments” will have a heavy emphasis on community and relationship. Other environments will have a heavy emphasis on learning and growing in our faith. As we grow together in our love for God and for one another, I believe we will be amazed at the work our Lord will do.
Would you join me in praying for wisdom. In order for us to become the people God intends for us to be, we must be wise in the ministries that we start and the environments we create. Ask that God would help us to find the areas of greatest need and that he would help us to reach into our community with the good news of Jesus.
Blessings, Tyler


September Updates
Praying for the Unreached
The International Mission Board estimates that approximately 155,473 people step into eternity every day not knowing Jesus. The sad reality is that many of the people live in regions where there is no reported gospel witness. Will you join us in praying for those who have never heard the gospel? Pray that God would send missionaries and that people from these groups would respond to the gospel and become disciple makers in their communities. Ask God to give our church wisdom in how we might begin to care for the unreached people of the world. More information can be found at:
Corporate Prayer Gathering
One of our core values is Prayer. We demonstrate this core value by praying together on Sunday mornings and by gathering to pray throughout the week. If you are able, consider joining us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm for a time of Bible Study and prayer. This time of prayer helps us to lift our community up before the Lord, to bring our requests to him, and to praise him for the ways he has provided for us.
Personal Prayer and Bible Time
Please consider joining in an intentional time of prayer at either 9:38 or 10:02 each morning. Commit to, wherever you are, stop and bring our community and our church before the Lord in prayer. Ask that God would send workers, and that he would give us wisdom in the steps we should take. Also, commit to be in the word daily. As you read the Word, ask God to soften your heart and to give you the strength to live in obedience to his commands.


We are a community of believers committed to following Jesus by fulfilling the Great Commission.
Beginning in September, we will start to use our new name and new logo. We are excited to begin this chapter of our church replant. We also will begin to emphasize our core values of prayer, discipleship, worship, service, and missions. By being intentional in evaluating all of the ministries and functions of the church through the vision statement and our core values, we will be better able to ensure that we are headed in the direction that God intends for us to go.

I would ask that you please help us in the following ways:
1.) Please update your contact information in our new church membership software. A link to this program is found online here:
2.) Like and Follow our new Facebook page. You can search for Wellspring Baptist Church or access the page directly by using the following link:
3.) Go and tell! This month, find someone that you can pray for and who you will commit to share the gospel with. Remember, "No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket." Let's be a people who go and tell others!


Roger and Maranda Dutra, CJ and Traci Kersey,
Douglas and Diane Pope


HOPE CHEST...for September is canned beef stew for the LBA food pantry.


OFFERINGS...Please mail your contributions or go to for online donations to continue the work of the church if you are not able to attend worship services.


SYMPATHY...The Springdal e Baptist Church family extends their love and sympathy to Wesley, Noah, and Savannah Fulford and family for the death of their father, Glenn Fulford.



1 Iris Frost,

4 Lynn Blackstock

4 Katie Butler

10 Karen Butler

21 Arnold Ray

25 Melinda Fountain

25 Anna Watson



Roger Dutra as Children’s and Families Pastor along with his wife, Maranda, and their children, Myles and Laney


September is Georgia's state missions offering month. By contributing to this offering we are furthering a statewide emphasis on caring for Foster Children, Human Trafficking Victims, Childhood Literacy, Refugees and Internationals, and Pre/Post-Natal Care. For more information on the Mission Georgia offering go to:



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